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I can't tell you how excited we are to have you be a part of the Survay Platform. You're about to discover why it's being called "The World's Greatest Survey Platform."

Now Survay will get you started with your Surveys, Applications and Appointments. However the pro version is for those individiauls who are really serious about seeing massive profits in their business.

The Pro version of Survay has features you're not going to find anywhere else, features that we had to have in our own online business. Simple plug and play strategies that will boost your profits in no time!

You can now create leads with Survay's Lead Capture

The Lead entrance/exit will capture that lead!

Survay converts like crazy. We have seen a 60% submission rate on our surveys and applications. However, we don't always capture the lead.

We found the solution! Once we added the Lead Gates and Exits to the Survay system, the leads started to roll in. Some of our Gates are converting at 70%. The best part is we've made it EASY!

Lead Gate Before the Survay or Application You can set it up where your prospect has to first opt-in before they will be able to take your survay.

Lead Exit after the Survay or Application Submission You can also set it up so once they complete the survay, they are shown an optin form.

Lead Exit After Qualified Or Disqualified Finally, if you are using qualifying criteria, you can show a lead exit to your prospect to capture that lead.

Collecting Leads Is Worth
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However, we are just getting started. You see, we want to make sure that you really are going to receive more profits in your business with the Pro Version of Survay. All the new features that you see listed below will most definitely get you a 10X ROI in your Online Business. How do we know? Well that's what we experienced. You will not be able to upgrade at this price at a later date.

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You know the power of Survay!, You will be successful with it. We spent two years building out and testing this platform. We discovered we built something that really was "stupid simple", but it's the PRO features that really helped us make the BIG PROFITS!

Automated Actions

So now that you have access to our lead gates and exit gates, you are going to need to perform an “automated action.” The cool thing is, you can perform multiple actions for one Survay. If you want to have a lead gate, then conclude with a exit gate, you can do that. In this scenario you would have two automated actions.

Show Related Appointments

With Survay Pro, you are setup to show related appointments on your Appointment Calendars. So the strategy is to not just get them into a FREE consultation section, but also try to get them into one of your other appointments. Now, if only you could charge for your appointments...

60 Ready To Go Templates

With this Pro Version you’re really going to get your money's worth. In the past, we have seen template offers which consist of 5 or six different templates. In this offer, we are going to give you 60 templates that you can use in the Survay Platform. You simply load these templates into questionnaire, and then you are free to change them and customize them however you see fit!

Even More Profits

Widgets can be deployed based on actions...

Exit Intent
Fired on Page Load
Once check configuration makes it easy
Your prospects will always be prompted to fill out Survey or Appointment
Making You More Profits In Your Business!

Payment Integrations...

These two BIG DOGS are all you need to build a Six-Figure or even Seven-Figure online business. We have made integration
Easy Peasy!

Charge For Your Appointments!

Now it’s time to talk MONEY! With the two payment providers above you can now CHARGE money for your appointments. The strategy that works best is to have a FREE consultation, and then show one of your other related appointments and make sure there is a price tag associated with it. Survay makes it EASY to assign that price tag to your appointments. You’ll be surprised how many people would rather pay you than take a free appointment. See you do have a 10X in your future!

If you're an Infusionsoft User, Pro is a
"Dream Come True" For you!

If you are an InfusionSoft user, this is a NO BRAINER offer for you! It means you know the power of firing off tags inside your sequence. We are Infusionsoft power users, and we HAD TO HAVE the ability to trigger our sequences. You're able to trigger when somebody submits a survey or application. You're also able to fire off a tag when they are qualified or disqualified. Then on the appointment side of things you can fire off tags when they make an appointment, miss an appointment, complete an appointment, or close the sale. YES! you have the power with the lethal combination of Survay + Infusionsoft.

You're going to receive all future Pro Updates at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Look, I get it! We've been in this business since 1998. When you purchase a product on one of these launches, very rarely is it supported or updated.

Well, that's not the case with Survay. You see, Survay is a platform, and we built it to help you succeed.

There are several phases of development scheduled out for Survay, even with the PRO version. You will receive all of these PRO upgrades for no additional charge!

You will discover you're partnering up with some of the BEST people in the business, we will keep updating our platform and making it better, so we all succeed!

At first, we weren’t going to make this revolutionary technology available to the public. But, we decided it’s too powerful a tool not to share with our Survay customers.

The catch? This offer is only being made to you one time, and that’s today and right now. This is your one and only chance to access the unique technology that’s going to make you much more profitable with Survay. Like I said above, when we developed out the features and abilities in the PRO platform, we instantly gained a 10x ROI in our business!

100% 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

When you act today, you’re also covered by our unconditional, 100% money back 30 day guarantee. There’s absolutely zero risk to you.

Rest Assured we Care About Your Success!

If for any reason you’re not blown away by the cutting edge technology that we have built into Survay Pro, just send an email to our ‘Support Team’ they will help you get your issue resolved

If for any reason that you are not completely thrilled with the Survay Pro Platform, simply let us know, and we will issue you a refund.

Plus, we can still part as friends.

What could be more fair than that?

Survay PRO

Billed Annually

Remember, you won’t see this offer ever again. And because this technology is patent pending, you won’t be seeing similar versions under different names being released any time soon. This is your only chance to literally leverage the entire internet for personal profit. You know what to do.

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